Marketing Professional

I've been fortunate to work with some world-class brands, in both the off-line and online marketing space – Disney, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Sandals Resorts, to name a few. I've grown up from the beginning of the World Wide Web and led efforts to build web sites and e-commerce platforms. But it's all based on solid Marketing principles, not just smoke and mirrors.

And, I have a talent to build a team and bring out their best talents to make a successful department. When leading a team, I determine the work styles and talents of each individual, and work differently with each team member.

If you want to know more about me, beyond what's on my résumé, check out the results from my recent "Predictive Index Survey."


I've built strategies around all areas of online marketing – email marketing, affiliate programs, lead generation, banner/network display, e-commerce and web site usability enhancement.

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Online Marketing Consulting

I'm currently looking for a full-time position or Consulting projects to supplement my current consulting work.

I am looking for online marketing strategy and project consultation. That includes web site usability, Social Media, SEM, contact (including email) strategy development, display network strategies and interactive development sourcing.  I can be particularly helpful as a Subject Matter Expert ( SME ) for travel, hospitality, resorts, all-inclusives, eCommerce, online booking engines, website usability, user experience, email marketing or affiliate marketing.


Disney Institute
Professional Training Facilitation
Project: My contract with Disney Institute was as an Authorized Independent Program Facilitator, facilitating "Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence". 


University of Phoenix: 
Regional Marketing Manager, SE & NE
Project: I assisted 17 Campuses and Learning Centers in the NE and SE with their Regional/Local Marketing needs. Those could include event support, enrollment lead generation, social media, Search Engine Marketing, and online display marketing. I also made sure each Campus management understood the support they received from the Corporate Marketing folks, based in San Francisco.
Website promoting local, new restaurant.
Project: I created a WordPress website, with Content Management System (CMS) and various plug-ins (Analytics, SEO, Constant Contact, etc.). I recommended navigation, wrote keyword—rich copy (SEO) for all pages, retouched, cropped and placed photos into theme. I also wrote pre-opening press release and created pre-opening email (Constant Contact). 
Website promoting natural means for eliminating pet odors.
Project:  Created Amazon Webstore for eCommerce, online sales.  Previously, did Keyword development, SEO optimizing of new site including metatags, integration of Google Analytics, domain strategy recommendation.