Online Marketing Consulting

I am now available for online marketing strategy and project consultation. That includes web site usability, SEO, SEM, contact (including email) strategy development, display network strategies and interactive development sourcing.

I can also help you develop strategies and implement programs in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) and Mobile applications.

I have considerable Travel and Group/ Convention trade marketing experience as well.

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Predictive Index
Survey Results

I recently took a pre-employment survey when applying for a job. Following are the results of the survey. If I do say so myself, they're really very accurate. This is shared in its entirety, unedited.

Report Date : 7/6/2010

The results of the Predictive Index® survey should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PI Reporter® provides you with a brief overview of the results of the Predictive Index® and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview.


STRONGEST BEHAVIORS: Brian will most strongly express the following behaviors:

Brian is unassuming, unselfish, and has a sincere and genuine interest in other people and a strong, intuitive understanding of them. Outgoing and friendly, he enjoys working with people and is lively, pleasant company.

A warm and friendly communicator, Brian is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. His outgoing personality and sincere, interested attitude make him easily accessible, and he gets along well with a wide variety of people.

His drive is altruistic, directed at working with and for others; for the team, for customers and for the company. A cooperative, willing worker, Brian can be particularly effective as a teacher or trainer, communicating the company's policies, programs, and systems with enthusiasm and spirit.

Working at a faster-than-average pace, he learns quickly. More concerned with effective communication than he is with detail in depth, he is about average in his level of accuracy in handling details and too impatient to work with details as repetitive routine. He communicates flexibly, adjusting his style for different people, and is generally most effective when discussing intangibles such as ideas, feelings, or visions.

If his job permits, he will delegate details and responsibility, and will follow up in a friendly, supportive manner to assure that work gets done on time. He has an active interest in the development of people for the company's benefit and will encourage such development in his subordinates.

In general, Brian is a cooperative teamworker who respects company authority and policies, which he will accept and communicate enthusiastically.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: As a manager of people or projects, Brian will be:

SELLING STYLE: As a salesperson, Brian will be:

MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES: To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Brian with the following:

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